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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Romantic Hostels

If you're wondering why you never got any action when you were an undergraduate, ask yourself this: Did your hall have romantic mists floating around it?

Misty Hostel

So beautiful, isn't it? Like Wuthering Heights or something. Got that ethereal feeling to it, and you never know whom you might see in the mist, like Aragorn meeting Arwen.

Misty Hostel 2

Sigh. Makes you feel like you're in the highlands or something.

I lied. That isn't a lovely, romantic early-morning mist (as if I would ever get up that early). It's a fog of insecticide to kill dengue-harbouring mosquitoes, and it stinks up my room if I forget to close the windows. I had to run through it once, because I unwisely came back to hall at the same time they were fogging. I did not feel like Arwen in the mist. I felt like I was walking through a vapour of petroleum distillate. Ugh.

I hope it at least killed the bugs that keep flying into my room.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

I am a South Parkie!

After being told about the South Park character generator used by Jim to create his sexyblogger picture, I went and tried it out. I enjoyed it so much, I made not one, but 3 avatars for myself (because I believe that just one avatar is not enough to represent all my moods). And when my boyfriend saw it, I volunteered to make one for him too! But it's his picture so I won't put it up.

First off though, let me post the link to the actual flash thingy. I feel bad that the Singapore blogosphere is crediting me for the music video codes discovery, when actually I stumbled across it on someone else's blog while playing Blogger roulette (pressing 'next blog' repeatedly). I've been trying to find that blog so I can give proper credit, but all I remember is that it belongs to a Malaysian medical student in the UK.

Click here to go to the flash site.

SP Angel
This was the first one I made, I call it 'Lucifer's newest handmaiden'. She's supposed to be an angel defecting over to the other side. I want to have hair like that someday. And she looks damn badass! Oh, and I'm not a satanist or anything. I'm just a huge fan of Mike Carey's 'Lucifer' comic.

Chinky Angel
This one is called Chinky Angel. I read an interview with Lee Hom where he said we should reclaim that racist term and make it a symbol of our pride. I see where he's coming from, he should know because he was a Chinese boy growing up in the USA. So if you're offended by the use of the word, I'm not insulting anyone, I'm trying to show my roots!
As to the picture itself, Chinky is so cute you feel like slapping her (if you're like me, who cannot stand act cute pictures).

And the final one is just plain me, with limp straight hair, studying while waiting for the bus... I've been called a mugger a few times. And since exam period is coming up, this will be a nice picture to use for my MSN avatar.

If you are disappointed by the sheer vanity and self-love of today's post, please visit my other blog where there are significantly more words and meatier content. This is a photoblog after all.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Do you have a sister?

If any of you are boys born after 1985, and you think I'm cute: I'm sorry, you're too young for me. Hope is not lost, however! Today I shall unleash upon the blogosphere the fine young thang identified as my sister Kylie! (Yes her name is really Kylie, but not for Minogue.)

Let's not hold back, and unleash her sexiest photo to date: A wet T-shirt pic! (Don't drool on your keyboard.)
Wet Shirt Kylie
I put a small version of the picture so the page will load faster. You want a bigger one, click on it. She'll be happy that you did, because it boosts her ego.

When you're done perusing that picture, and you think you can handle some more, you come back here saying "more more more!" (which will make the REAL Kylie Minogue very happy). And yes, I do have more. Only one more. A comparison picture so you can decide which sister you prefer. Oh, we won't fight over the votes, don't worry. She has her fans and I have mine. Plus her appeal is geared towards a younger market (preferably those born in 1988).


Now the news should be spreading like a bush fire that "Lynn has a sister!"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sexyblogger no more

I went to Clementi Town Centre to run some errands, and I saw that the face-threading lady wasn't occupied. Usually when I go past, there are a few people in line. Since she was so free, I decided to patronise her business.

I'll let the picture speak for itself:

Copy 1 of Image005
This is from the Newsroom bash a few months back. I'm using this picture as a control picture because I wouldn't go to a bash with my eyebrows looking awful.

And this is from this afternoon. My brows have shrunk to a shadow of their previous selves.

To be honest, I'm not that peeved. It does look nice and neat. They've just never been so scanty before. The threading hurt more than I expected it to, but it wasn't unbearable. Plus it's really effective. I went to the stall situated in front of Ho Bee jewellery store, because that's the one I'm more familiar with. There may be another one further down, I'm not sure.

If anyone laughs at my eyebrows over dinner, I'm never going back there again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My sexyblogger picture

mr brown has started a sexyblogger project featuring bloggers sticking their tongues out. It's actually an imitation (parody?) of Xiaxue's picture, but you can visit mr brown's site for that. Here's mine.

Copy 1 of Image024

None of us are as sexy as Xiaxue. This was the only decent one I managed to take, the rest made me look like I was seriously wacked out. And I'm vain, so I won't post those pictures!

If you're a blogger yourself and you're interested in submitting your sexy pose, go to and read the instructions! I have the feeling this could be the start of something memorable, a landmark in Singapore blogging. Plus the pictures are plenty funny!

Free music videos to put on your page!

First there were backgrounds and custom cursors, then music files on websites became common (and annoying). Now I present to you the latest in blog personalization: Music Videos!

Video code provided by

I chose Hanson's 'Penny and Me' because it's a song that I particularly like, and it's something I wouldn't mind playing in the background while I read a blog. I hope you think so too! Support the website by visiting them!