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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A T-shirt says what?

What kind of person takes pictures of her t-shirts, not to sell them but to display them? In particular, to display the graphics on them?

Column by column, left to right:
Purple Hollister tee, "California Free As A Bird". It's so O.C. I love it. And of course I'm a sucker for Hollister's girl-fitted t-shirts.

Blue Hollister tee, "Hollister Surf Co" with faded graphic "Malibu 92".

Orange Hollister tee, "Think Single". I still don't really get the joke, but the fruity colours got to me.

Green Animal Square tee, "Rapbeat". Rapbeat enjoys listening to her iPod and drinking kopi peng.

White Bossini tee, "Jedi Training Academy". This was a tie-in with "Attack of the Clones". I thought it was brilliant. The logo is 2 hands holding up the lightsaber.

Navy Pop Shop tee, "Dancing Dog". The oldest and possibly most expensive of my collection, my cousin bought it when he was in the States. Pop Shop isn't open anymore, more's the pity.

Blue 37 degrees tee with no title. It looks like t-apostrophe. Frankly I have no idea, but I've had it a long time.

Pink Starlette tee, "I (love) $". With sparkly heart and green dollar sign. It's eminently suitable and yet grossly unsuitable for Chinese New Year.

Red Localbrand tee, "Miss Lim". "Ms Lim's boyfriends never stray... (on the back) never." *p-schaw!* (whip-crack sound). The piquant local flavour in the form of the buxom Ms Lim is because Localbrand is Singaporean.

White Baleno tee, "Vader". This was released as a tie-in with "Revenge of the Sith". A perfect little counterpoint to my Jedi tee. But I never get fanboys coming up to shake my hand and acknowledge me as one of them. *pout*


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