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Friday, March 10, 2006

Food glorious food!

Food to eat when I get back:

Fried Black Hokkien Mee
-Not the yellow tasteless rubbish you get here, but the lard-laden black-sauce version. With fat mee. Mmm.

Char Kuay Teow
-Preferably from the Hup Kee stall, although mostly anywhere does it pretty ok, for my taste.

-A few sticks will do, chicken and not beef please.

Cantonese Fried
-With mai dai and not yee mee as Daddy always gets it. I miss mai dai, but it has to be eaten on the spot for maximum crunchiness.

Fried Rice
-No one does it like the back stalls. The oil! The flavour! The satiety!

Apom balik
-The crunchy version and not the doughy one.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun
-My darling Sunday morning breakfast!

Dim Sum
-Washed down with lots of hot tea. This is a given, mum always makes sure I have a dim sum dinner before I leave. I just wish she'd stop going to that posh place, it dampens my appetite.

Subtypes of Dim Sum:
Fried Carrot Cake - snack style, not meal style.
Zheen Tui Zai - crunchy little buggers.
Yam dumplings
Seaweed and fish paste
Char siew pao, no dim sum meal is complete without it
Egg tarts - mmm

Barbequed seafood, which include stingrays and sambal sotong.

My ikan kembong stuffed with sambal, then fried
-Oh my sambal fish, much have I missed you!

Mummy's Curry Chicken

Mummy's Nasi Lemak

Mummy's Lotus Root Soup with loads of sea treasures (scallops and other dried foodstuff)

Prawn mee, and not the lousy Singaporean version either. But the full-bodied soup version.

Sarawak laksa from the Kuchai Lama stall
-I forget if they actually have it still... otherwise I'll settle for kolo mee.

I'd say lobak, the fried assortment, but it IS insanely oily and bloats me up madly, so perhaps not.

Yau Char Kway and its sweeter colleagues from the tong sui stall near Happy Garden.

Cantonese Congee! With fried intestines! And sliced yau char kway on the side. Mmmm. I wonder if the hawker centre still has that stall?

Domino's pizza madly laced with too much dried chili.

Ais kacang, without the flourescent green worms and artificially pink buah atap that I get here. And REAL gula melaka syrup.

3 months. 20 dishes. Can she make it? You bet I can! I'll just have to watch the waistline along the way. My denim skirts aren't elastic.


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