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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Exam also got faux pas wan.

I must be socially retarded. Either that or I am suffering social phobia along with avoidant personality disorder, compounded by dyspraxia. In other words, I get nervous in front of big crowds, I think everyone hates me and I'm clumsy.

Another paper today, PL3232 Biological Psychology. It was open-book and I managed not to knock any of my papers off the desk, yay. Finished in about an hour, sat there a while checking, added in one line and modified another, waited for the correction fluid to dry, read through it one more time and decided to scarper before they announced that we couldn't leave the hall. I thought it was 30 minutes before the end but it's actually 15 minutes. No matter, I wanted to come back and nap anyway.

I piled all my things into my arms, picked up my bag (that's the advantage of sitting at the side, you're right next to baggage deposit) and made my way to the front. I couldn't see very clearly, so I put my yellow answer book on the pile of yellow answer books. What I failed to check was if those were USED answer books (i.e. other people's answers) or just plain empty answer books (for those who needed more paper). Gah. Well I assume that was the right pile, since it was smack in the middle of the invigilators' table and right in front. And the lecturer didn't tell me to put it anywhere else.

Probably the biggest mistake was to hand him my question paper, on which I had scribbled some notes. I didn't know if I had to return the paper - some ask you to, and some don't - so I decided to just hand it back, I didn't really want it anyway. I did mean to ask if it had to be returned, but since he took it, fine. I bet he's having a good time reading it, invigilating can be so boring. It's not as though I wrote anything nasty or embarrassing on it, unless my scribbled notes turn out to be totally off the mark. I did write "Hooray." on my Abnormal Psychology paper, right next to the words "End Of Paper". Geddit? Hahaha.

Please please please let me have put my paper on the correct pile. I don't want to be responsible for holding up everyone else in the hall while the invigilators search for that one missing paper. The karmic guilt would be immense.


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