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Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Rename Your Friends Day!

I had a funny conversation with 2 of my juniors just now. I was walking back from my Japanese lecture, when I heard someone calling me. I looked up and it was one of the girl freshies.

"Lynn Lynn Lynn" she said.

"Yes yes yes" I replied. Then she started poking my collarbone. I was wearing my Miss Lim t-shirt with the Localbrand logo on the collarbone. It's 4 arrows pointing inwards and that was her target.

"Why are you poking me?"
"Because it says "poke me"!"
"No it doesn't!" I know it doesn't, it's my shirt after all.

I threatened not to give her any food at the supper tonight. She seemed blur so I had to remind them about tonight's meeting. Then she said I looked very stripey. I usually wear striped sandals, and Big Pink Bag is obviously striped, but it sort of slipped my mind that I was also wearing corduroy pants so I was all parallel lines today.

"Stripes are good, they slim you down," she said.
At this point the other freshman intervened.
"So you're saying she's fat?"

"Yay [name deleted]!"
"Argh you can't pronounce my name properly! It's [name deleted], not [error]!"
"Well, in that case we'll just have to rename you. That's what we do when we have a name we can't pronounce. I declare you..."
The girl freshie jumped in. "His name is Alvin!"
"Yes, you do look like an Alvin... ok! I'll make the declaration tonight!"

So tonight I am going to keep addressing him as Alvin, perhaps it'll grow on him. Haha.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is for the whiny insecure bitches

Totally, man.
Comic (cartoon?) from Natalie Dee who is brillo with her drawings. Don't sue me!