Bohemia Bunnie

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Feeling fulfilled

I had a good day. It was my first full day back home, I was travelling yesterday.

Today my sister and I hit MidValley where we spent 6 hours trawling the malls for bargains, unashamedly scavenging through the '50%
off' bins, and pigging out on ice-cream and battered fries. We loaded up on saturated fats for lunch, I bought several tops and a very expensive guitar magazine buying guide, and laid my hands on my dream lover for the first time. Even though that's all I did, because we were in a public place and I was too shy to take it any further. I had a look at some other stuff that I wanted to buy, but I haven't finished my comparison shopping and I'm loath to make a commitment before I've fully explored my options. It's not just the money. I can always buy another wallet, but what would I do then with the one I already have? I just don't like to see wastage.

Our parents picked us up and we headed to the hawker centre for dinner. I continued with my artery-clogging dietary habits and ordered char kuey teow for dinner. The Singaporean version lacks flavour and 'wok breath', so it's insipid and for some reason, strangely sweet. Not the dish I had for dinner. It was just as I wanted. Ahhh. Satisfaction. My parents, being more health-conscious, had porridge. Which I also helped myself to, it's my favourite pig-intestine porridge with complimentary yau char kway. That was one truly enjoyable dinner, topped off with sugarcane juice.

Back home, I showed my parents the video of Second Nature performing at GRASS, then I pointed out the bass guitar to my mother and informed my parents that I was taking lessons. They seemed to enjoy the video of our hilarious Pussy Pleasers performance. My dad seemed to think that "the bass guitar is easy to play, there are only 4 strings" which earned him an earful from me. Hey, at least my parents know now that I'm serious about the bass, it's not another little flirtation of mine. I showed my mum the pictures of me flirting with a crazy pink glittery bass, and she agreed with me that it gives off a very "look at me" vibe. That bass is a proper, nice-sounding bass, with good construction, but like a pretty girl with brains, people only look at the surface and make their decision based on that. Either way, that pretty-girl bass is too high-maintenance for me.

My mum even told me I could go and get a guitar with my card, but I told her I'd get it in Singapore because the price the KL shop quoted me was way insane. I mean, even after multiplying by 2.3, there's still 600-odd ringgit unaccounted for. That 600-odd is for my amp and strap and guitar case and cables and stand! No taking extra money that I don't really have!

And hey, my mum bought some Christmas cake from the bakery so I pigged out on that. Whoa. New clothes, permission to buy my baby, and dessert. Life doesn't get much better than this.

I love being home for the holidays.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love by lamplight

This is my room by lamplight and candlelight.

This is the object of my affection by lamplight.

Imagine waking up to those gorgeous curves, that long slim neck, every day and every night.