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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Scenes from KL and Singapore

I have a few pictures of random bits of scenery, but no story to tie them together. So I'll just tell you a little bit about everything, and maybe you'll see why I'm so proud to call myself a KLite.
Dead seahorses
I was at a dried-goods shop in the Bugis area in Singapore, and it was a bit crowded so I stepped back from the aisle and my heel hit a plastic bag that went "crunch". I looked down at it, and it was full of long, thin twig-like things. My suspicions were confirmed when I looked at the bag beside it, and saw what you now see in the picture above. I wanted to take a close-up of one seahorse, but I was afraid the proprieters would catch me.
I find it so disturbing that these gentle creatures are being caught by the thousands for "medicinal purposes". I actually picked one up and it was horrible, looking at its hollowed-out eye socket and knowing that it looked almost exactly as it did when it was alive, swimming upright in the sea. It just doesn't make sense to me.

My milkshake
This is the cutely-decorated milkshake I had at dinner last week. It was a real doozy licking the cream off.

Moth on Pillar
Yarrr! A moth! There were dozens of them hanging about KLCC. The dark moth makes a good contrast to the metallic surface.

Railway Station by Night
The Old KL Railway Station. It's often mentioned in tourist brochures for its Moorish architecture. The coloured lights are a bit cheesy, but not horrendously ugly. When you're waiting alone for your parents to pick you up, they can be quite a comfort, as though they're saying, "Welcome home."

Ping-pong Fish
My uncle's hobby is rearing aquarium fish. He has absolutely loads of goldfish, and because he keeps them in giant plastic tanks in his driveway, I always go and have a top-down view of them. The fat one looks like it swallowed a table-tennis ball. Fish with odd anatomies amuse me.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Vainpots of Arts Faculty

Less words and more pictures, how about that?

I am such a poser. Lips also glossy like nobody's business. Don't I look a proper Ah Lian?

Got attitude hor! This picture, the skin tone very nice. Must have been the lighting.

Comments, comments, tell me how vain I am!