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Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Rename Your Friends Day!

I had a funny conversation with 2 of my juniors just now. I was walking back from my Japanese lecture, when I heard someone calling me. I looked up and it was one of the girl freshies.

"Lynn Lynn Lynn" she said.

"Yes yes yes" I replied. Then she started poking my collarbone. I was wearing my Miss Lim t-shirt with the Localbrand logo on the collarbone. It's 4 arrows pointing inwards and that was her target.

"Why are you poking me?"
"Because it says "poke me"!"
"No it doesn't!" I know it doesn't, it's my shirt after all.

I threatened not to give her any food at the supper tonight. She seemed blur so I had to remind them about tonight's meeting. Then she said I looked very stripey. I usually wear striped sandals, and Big Pink Bag is obviously striped, but it sort of slipped my mind that I was also wearing corduroy pants so I was all parallel lines today.

"Stripes are good, they slim you down," she said.
At this point the other freshman intervened.
"So you're saying she's fat?"

"Yay [name deleted]!"
"Argh you can't pronounce my name properly! It's [name deleted], not [error]!"
"Well, in that case we'll just have to rename you. That's what we do when we have a name we can't pronounce. I declare you..."
The girl freshie jumped in. "His name is Alvin!"
"Yes, you do look like an Alvin... ok! I'll make the declaration tonight!"

So tonight I am going to keep addressing him as Alvin, perhaps it'll grow on him. Haha.


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